“You had wandered away like sheep. Now you have returned to the one who is your Shepherd and Protector.”  1 Peter 2:25.

It isn’t easy to keep up appearances, staying on top of the trends and keeping up a “successful” image. And it isn’t just about clothes. It’s job performance at work; The parenting or relational prowess at home. For some, it’s the size of the house, the type of car, the right neighborhood, or the best school. Whatever it takes to declare to the world, “I have arrived. I’ve got it together. I, for one, know where I’m going.”

But God knows us better. It helps if we just pay attention to Him. He says that people are like sheep—they tend to go in circles when following cues from each other. If we want to know where to go, however, we have to follow the Shepherd.

When you get ready to meet your day today, let your mind look past the pressure of fitting in to following the only One with a real plan for your life. It might not look like everyone else’s plan. It might not even seem like a path to success. But in surrender to God’s lead, you will find yourself on the right path and in the sweetest of care.

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