“…Through the death on the cross…Christ has brought you into the very presence of God, and you are standing there before Him with nothing left against you… – COLOSSIANS 1:22 (TLB)”



Everything that happens in our lives is a direct effect of God’s love, and its purpose is to put a floodlight on our need for Him. Some things humble, extracting fragments of pride we didn’t realize were keeping parts of us from all of Him. It’s always working good stuff in and bad stuff out, the refining love of God. It gives us an even clearer view of the cross and the One who carried it—the One who now carries us.


Let us pray:


Lord, keep my heart and mind on Your immeasurable sacrifice and faithful love.


Special Announcement

Salt and Light Ministries invites you, your family and friends to our flagship programme “Meditations on Easter 2019”.


Theme: “Worship The Risen Lord” – Matthew 28:17

Date: Saturday 13th April, 2019

Time: 8:30 am 

Venue : Sunlodge Hotel, Tesano

Speaker : Rev. J.F.K Mensah of Great Commission Church

Ministering Choir : Harmonious Chorale


ENTRY IS FREE!!!!!!!!!


Come and let us together experience Jesus the risen Lord in our worship.



SOURCE: Culled from Grace from Each Moment Devotional.

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