Joshua was a brilliant military leader and a strong spiritual influence, but the key to his success was his submission to God.
The Book of Joshua is divided into two main parts.
The first narrates the events surrounding the conquest of Canaan, and the second record the assignment and settlement of the captured territory.

Beloved in the Lord,
For the next couple of weeks, we’ll talk about THE BOOK OF JOSHUA, with today’s focus on, JOSHUA 1:1-2. 

May the Holy Spirit minister deeply into our hearts, the message He has for us today.

SCRIPTURE: “After the death of Moses the LORD’S servant, the LORD spoke to Joshua son of Nun, Moses’ assistant. He said, Moses, my servant is dead. Therefore, the time has come for you to lead these people, the Israelite across the Jordan River into the land I am giving them”. (Joshua 1:1-2  NIV)

Joshua succeeded Moses as Israel’s leader. What qualifications did he have to become the leader of a nation?
1. God appointed him (Numbers 27:18-23)
2. He was one of only two living eyewitnesses to the Egypt plagues and as well as the Exodus from Egypt.
3. He was Moses’ personal aide for 40 years.
4. He was one of the 12 scouts sent to spy on the promised land, and only he and Caleb showed complete confidence that God would help them conquer the land of Canaan.
Because Joshua had assisted Moses for many years, he was well prepared to take over the leadership of the nation. Changes in leadership are common in any organization.  At such times, a smooth transition is essential for the establishment of the new administration. This doesn’t happen unless new leaders are trained. If you are currently in a leadership position, begin preparing someone to take your place. If you want to be a leader, learn from others so that you will be prepared when the opportunities come.




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