This week we focus on the study of Colossians Chapter four. Paul wrote this letter to the people of Colosse to combat errors in the church and to show that believers have everything they need in Christ. I will be sharing with you some selected notes from the Life Application Study Bible (NLT). Enjoy

SCRIPTURE TEXT: “Masters, be just and fair to your slaves. Remember that you also have a Master—in heaven.” –Colossians 4 : 1 (NLT) 

Slave owners were to provide what was just and fair. Similarly today, employers should pay fair wages and treat their employees justly. Paul’s instructions encourage responsibility and integrity on the job. Christian employees should do their jobs as if Jesus Christ were their supervisor. And Christian employers should treat their employees fairly and with respect.

Can you be trusted to do your best, even when the boss is not around? Do you work hard and with enthusiasm? Do you treat your employees as people, not machines? Employers should pay fair wages and treat their employees justly. Leaders should take care of their volunteers and not abuse them. If you have responsibility over others, make sure you do what is just and fair.

Remember that no matter whom you work for, and no matter who works for you, the One you ultimately should want to please is your Father in Heaven. You are accountable to Him. 


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