SCRIPTURE TEXT: “Go away, Satan! For it is written: Worship the Lord your God, and serve only Him.” – Matthew 4:10 (CSB)


The gospel of Matthew tells us that after going more than a month without food or water, after spending nearly six weeks in complete isolation, Jesus had to do battle with the devil. He was hungry, and the devil offered bread – tempting Jesus not just to satisfy His hunger but to take control of a situation. Later he offered power and glory, trying to trick Jesus into testing His own Father and worshiping His enemy.

Each time He was met with temptation, Jesus resisted. Though He was weakened from fasting, He leaned on the strength of His Father. Though the devil was sneaky and clever, Jesus leaned on His knowledge of truth in Scripture. And so He resisted the temptation while also giving us a template for doing the same.

Through God’s grace (and years of lessons learned the hard way) I remember the real solution to the problem of temptation. Worrying won’t add a minute to my life. And I remember that what makes a difference in every single situation that arises is looking the devil in the face and resisting just like Jesus. What turns my heart around, even if my circumstances stay the same, is meditating on the Word of God, trusting Him, and worshiping Him with gratitude and awe for who He is and everything He has done and will do.

As we spend this season of Lent letting God prepare our hearts for a celebration of the resurrection, we may find ourselves feeling vulnerable. When we spend time face to face with the magnitude of our God and the depravity of our own sin, when we humble ourselves and repent, when we obey God’s call to sacrifice and to serve others, that is likely when temptation will strike hardest. And it’s then that we must follow Jesus’ blueprint for resistance and leave that devil behind in the wilderness.

PRAYER: “Thank You, Jesus. Thank You for facing the devil and refusing to back down. Thank You for looking him in the eyes and bowing to no one but God, our Father. Thank You for showing us exactly how to resist the temptation we face every day, not by being superhuman or super strong, but by leaning on the strength we’re all given by God. Please protect me. Protect me from every temptation, every sin, every familiar disobedience my instincts tell me to embrace. Give me strength, Lord, and give me clarity to remember Your Word in the right moments. Remind me of all the truth I’ve learned about You and what You want for me. Help me resist, God. Thank You”. Amen

REMINDER: Let’s be reminded we are still in the Lenten period and we should continue to fast, pray and read our Bible.


We are in difficult moments because of COVID-19, but we must pray and trust God that He will protect and heal us. Follow all the health protocols and please spread CALM NOT FEAR. 
Rev. Dr. Joyce R. Aryee 

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