“They crucified Him. Dividing up His clothes, they cast lots to see what each would get.” – Mark 15:24


Throughout the ages people have rejected, ignored, denied and betrayed Jesus. Yet despite this, in times of need they still call on Him and ask for His help.

The marvel of the Christian faith is that regardless of how you treat Christ, He still loves you. He lavishes His boundless love on you and meets your needs.

The crucifixion shows us that the love of Christ knows no boundaries. It is a love so sincere and pure that nothing can withstand it. Whether you deserve it or not – this is the love that God wants to give to you through Jesus Christ. How then can you withhold your love from Him?


Lord, I want to share in the glory of Your love. Fill me with Your love so that I can truly love You as You deserve. Amen.



SOURCE: Culled from Grace for Each Moment Devotional.

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