“Love does not boast.” – 1 Corinthians 13:4


Boasting is a negative form of love, called self-love. True love is selfless. It would rather confess unworthiness than boast of its own achievements. Some people give their love as though they were bestowing an honour on the receiver. That is not love; that is conceit.

The one that truly loves cannot stop marveling at the fact that there is someone who loves him. Love is kept humble in the knowledge that it could never make a sufficiently worthy sacrifice for the one it loves.

This also applies to our spiritual lives. We dare not accept God’s love as a matter of course as if we deserved it. Such pride robs us of the blessing and spiritual growth that God has in mind for us.


Lord, keep me humble in my love, so that it does not become the cause of pride and arrogance. Amen.



SOURCE: Culled from Grace for Each Moment Devotional.

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