Jesus Expects Us To Love Him In Storms!

SCRIPTURE: “He said to His disciples, Why are you so afraid?. Do you still have no faith?” (Mark 4:40 NIV)
What Jesus expected of His disciples is the same thing that God expected of Israel in the wilderness. What did God expect of Israel in the wilderness? To love and trust Him in a walk of faith.  We have a description of Israel’s deliverance from Egypt and God’s leadership of them in the wilderness. As believers, we do not have to fear following Jesus. You will note that each place that God led Israel by the glory cloud, He expected one thing of them: Will you trust Me? Will you believe me? Each time He tested their faith, they murmured and complained. Do you really feel that it was realistic for Jesus to expect the disciples to react differently in the storm? Most of us would agree that their reaction to the circumstances they faced that night was quite natural. Jesus expected them to trust Him in the storm. Throughout Scripture, we find that God expects us to love and trust Him. Our growth and enlargement proceeds from our trust and obedience to God.

Source: Culled from, Growing Through The Storms Of Life, by E. Truman Herring (Vol. one)


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