“…But you know Him, because He lives with you now and later will be in you” – John 14:17.

One thing above all distinguishes us from a non-Christian or from ourselves before we became Christians is the in-dwelling life of Christ that the Holy Spirit brings to us.

This is not simply an idea.  It is a reality.  We can know that Christ is our Savior and have perfectly orthodox ideas about Him, but that is different from having His living presence within us.  As Christians, we have two natures perfectly united within ourselves: our human nature and the living presence of Christ. To live in the Spirit means the living presence of Christ has the authority.  To live in the flesh means we have taken over the rulership of our lives, and Christ does not have freedom to operate in us.

So how do we learn to live in the Spirit and to activate the presence of Christ within us?  We must take two basic steps.

First, we must say yes to the Spirit.  We must recognize Him and ask for His help.  The most natural way to do this is in daily prayer.  It seems as if the Holy Spirit thrives on recognition.  As we recognize His presence, He makes that presence effectual.

Second, we need to recognize the presence of the Holy Spirit day by day, so that He will freely work in us.  Then, as we go about the activities of our daily lives, we just say, ‘Lord, we are going through these outward acts, and we are trusting you to work out their eternal dimension.  The results both in our inner lives and in the lives of the people we touch are up to you Lord.”

Prayer point: Pray to God to make you more sensitive to the Holy Spirit and obey Him.

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