SCRIPTURE TEXT: “All Scripture is God-breathed and is useful for teaching, rebuking, correcting and training in righteousness” — 2 Timothy 3:16

How do we know the Bible is really God’s Word?  Let’s examine it and find out!
It would be very difficult for forty people to agree on everything they write.  And if they lived at different times, it would be impossible.  But the forty different writers of the Bible agree in all they have written!  This is because God told each of them what to write.  All of the Bible is God’s Word.  Every part of the Bible agrees.

The Bible says it comes from God.  Over and over throughout this book you can read phrases like “God said,” “Says the LORD,” “The LORD spoke,” “The Word of the LORD came to . .  .” The Bible says it is God’s Word.

prophecy is “something that God tells before it happens.”  Many prophecies were written in the Bible.  No one could have known these things were going to happen – no one but God!  The Bible tells about cities that would be destroyed.  These prophecies came true. Read about Babylon in Isaiah 13, Jerusalem in Matthew 23:38, and Ninevah in Jonah 3:4.  Jonah’s prophecy was fulfilled a century later when Nineveh again turned from God.

The Bible told that the Lord Jesus would be born in Bethlehem seven hundred years before it happened.  The Bible said that God would bring the Jewish people back to their land again.  About twenty – five years ago (1948) this prophecy began to come true.  All the prophecies in the Bible will come true.

The Bible told scientific facts before man discovered them.  “The morning stars sang together” – Job 38:7.  Scientists have discovered that sounds come from stars.  “The life of the flesh is in the blood” – Lev. 17:11.  Only three hundred years ago men discovered that we are fed by the blood as it travels throughout our bodies.  But Moses wrote this over three thousand years ago!  The Bible says that God, “hangs the earth on nothing” – Job 26:7 and that the number of stars is like the sands of the sea.  Scientists discovered these things many years after the Bible was written.  The Bible agrees with science.

When men obey God’s Word, the Bible, their lives can be changed.  They can know their lives can be changed.  They can know their sins are forgiven.  They can receive power to please God.  The Bible has power to change lives.


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