Today’s focus is on Jesus made sure to give God all the glory for the signs, wonders, and miracles that flowed through His life! 

May the Holy Spirit minister deeply into our hearts, the message He has for us for today.  

SCRIPTURE: Father, glorify your name! Then a voice came from heaven, “I have glorified it, and will glorify it again.”  (John 12:28 NIV)

“Father, glorify your name.” It tells us that God Himself says, I have and I will.  And God Himself says it  “I have glorified My name, and I will glorify it again.”
The deepest reason why we live for the glory of God is that God lives for the Glory of Himself. We are passionate about God’s glory because God is passionate about His glory. God glorified His own name through Jesus’ life and would glorify it again when Jesus went to the cross, resurrection, and ascension. This was an affirmation that Jesus’ prayer was already answered by the Father. His Will is one with that of the Father; His glory is in the glorifying the Father’s name. 
God sent Him into the world to die for our sins, in our place. Jesus said no to His human desires in order to obey His Father and glorify Him.
Beloved, although we will never have to face such difficult and awesome tasks, we are still called to obedience. Whatever the Father asks, we should do His Will and bring glory to His name.

Inspired by: Paul Marc

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