God’s Mighty Power and Glory,

Beloved in the Lord,
Our message for today is titled, God’s Mighty Power and Glory,  it is based on Psalm 63:2

May the Holy Spirit minister deeply into our hearts, the message He has for us today.

SCRIPTURE: “I have seen you in the sanctuary, and beheld your power and glory”. (Psalm 63:2).

As children of God not only should we earnestly seek God’s presence in one personal life, but we should also long for His Spirit, power and glory to be manifested in His house. We should pray for God to assert Himself in power against satanic dominion and demonic oppression (Matthew 12:25; Mark 1:34-39), Sin (Romans 6) sickness and infirmities.(Matthew 4:23, Matt. 9:35, Acts 4:30, and Acts 8:7).
We should fervently desire that the gospel of salvation through Jesus Christ might convict and save sinners (John 6:8-11, Acts 4:33, and sanctify them (John 17:17) and bring them into the fullness of the Holy Spirit (Acts 1:8; and Acts 2:4).


Rev. Dr. Joyce R. Aryee
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