SCRIPTURE TEXT: “Oh, Sovereign LORD, You did indeed make heaven and earth by your mighty power and great strength. Nothing is too hard for You!” — Jeremiah 32:17

We are living in the midst of a global pandemic. This is a crisis unlike anything recent generations have ever experienced.
When we experience a crisis, it is natural to be overwhelmed by negative feelings. We look to the future with worry and fear. We look at the past, remembering what life had been like, with regret and maybe even anger because of our loss. Everything is out of control. Life is filled with uncertainty.
Shift Focus
These overwhelming negative emotions will not change unless we shift our focus from the circumstances that engulf us to our God who lives within us. This God, who is love and who loves us unconditionally, is the Sovereign Ruler of the universe. He can bring good out of bad situations for He is powerfully good. To help remind us of His faithfulness, God also has given us His promises so we won’t lose hope for the future.
So how can we shift our focus from the chaos of this world to a God who offers us supernatural peace?
1. Focus on GOD’S MAJESTY more than your circumstances
2. Focus on GOD’S FAITHFULNESS instead of your resources
3. Focus on TODAY’S BLESSINGS rather than worries about tomorrow
4. Focus on THE NEXT STEP instead of predicting the future
5. Focus on GOD’S SUPERNATURAL PRESENCE rather than your adversity

Encourage others to also focus on God’s faithfulness and promises as we walk through this challenging season together.
SOURCE: JesusOnline

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