SCRIPTURE TEXT: “So stand ready, with truth as a belt tight around your waist, with righteousness as your breastplate” – Ephesians 6:14

The apostle Paul says the first thing to do in spiritual warfare is to wear truth like a belt around your waist. Truth is the foundation for your fight against the Enemy. Without it, you’re likely to fall apart when temptations and turmoil hit your life.

The belt of truth is integrity. It means you not only know the truth, but you also act on it. If I know the truth but don’t act on it, then I don’t have integrity. In fact, that is hypocrisy. God says that if we are hypocrites, we have no defense against Satan.

Maintaining integrity doesn’t mean you’re perfect, but it does mean you’re authentic. You don’t wear masks: “What you see is what you get.”

The word “integrity” comes from the word “integer,” which means a unit of one. In other words, you don’t slice and dice your life like pieces of a pie. Integrity means all parts of your life are integrated together. You act the same no matter where you go. You let truth rule in every area of your life.

Unfortunately, Satan doesn’t have to work hard against some believers, because their lack of integrity makes them pushovers for his temptations. They don’t have the belt of truth wrapped around them, so they become easy prey.

God wants you wrapped in the truth. Confess your sins to him, and he will be quick to forgive you. Ask him to strengthen your ability to live transparently before others and then watch how he transforms your relationships.

Talk About It

Are there ways you’ve compartmentalized your life, publicly presenting integrity in some areas while hiding your lack of integrity in others?

Where are you most vulnerable to temptations? Where is Satan most likely to get a foothold in your life? What can you do to protect yourself in those areas?

In your life, what does it mean to walk in integrity? What does (or would) that look like?


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