SCRIPTURE TEXT: “…Through sanctification of the Spirit, unto obedience and sprinkling of the blood of Jesus Christ…” 1 Peter 1:2

Satan tries relentlessly to get a saint to disbelieve that he maintains his Christian experience by faith. Satan attempts to convince us that we “must do this or that.” But the Spirit of God will steadily remind us that only faith will keep us.

The best illustration of appropriating faith is the act of eating and drinking. Our Lord uses this illustration in John 6. Just as you take food into your body, you take Christ into your soul. Jesus did not say, “It is enough to see the bread and drink on the table.” That’s not faith. Only as you reach out and take the bread and drink are you showing faith.

If you had faith for the Lord Jesus Christ to save you, have faith exactly the same way for entire sanctification. His presence is the reality; the experience is the gift. And how much do you pay to earn a gift? Nothing! You simply accept it.

Obedience is the means whereby you show the earnestness of your desire to do God’s will. Through obedience you will receive, as a gift of God, this perfect adjustment of the personality of Holiness— the life of Jesus Christ manifested in your mortal flesh.

PRAYER THOUGHT: “Yes, Lord, I will fully obey and will heed Your call to Holiness.”  Amen.







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