Scripture: “So He left them and went away once more and prayed the third time, saying the same thing. – Matthew 26:44


Some Christian’s wonder why, if God is all-seeing and omniscient, they still need to persevere in the discipline of prayer. They feel guilty about troubling God over and over with issues that He is already aware of.


Remember, you often know about problems in people’s lives but you do not usually intervene unless asked to do. If you feel that a particular matter in your life needs God’s intervention, do not

Hesitate to bring it before Him. Remind Him of His promises and ask Him to take care of the situation.


God will never tire of listening to you if you come to Him in the name of Christ.


Prayer: In distress I call to You, O Lord, because only you can grant me peace. Thank You for hearing my prayers and for always answering my cry for help. Amen.

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