God’s Grace Is A Gift

When we embrace the grace that comes only from Jesus, it changes the game! In that surrender, we stop trying to earn God’s love and instead respond to His grace with a life of worship. It’s then that we see His grace cover our entire lives.

I love the lyrics in the bridge of our song Grace Upon Grace. It says:
Grace in the driest desert
Grace when I’m feeling worn
Grace when I don’t believe it
Grace found at every turn
Grace in the deepest valley
Grace when the night is long
Grace found in every season
Grace has the final word
Grace breaks the power of darkness
Grace mends the wounded soul
Grace moving every mountain
Grace fills the deepest void
Grace overtakes my battles
Grace resurrects these bones
Grace lifts me from the ashes
Grace is my victory song
Every single one of us can connect to at least one or two of those lines. No matter what we’re facing, what we’re walking in, what is difficult or hard around us, God’s grace covers it! It’s simply up to us to surrender to Him and receive His grace!
Today, grab a journal, listen to our song Grace Upon Grace, and reflect on the words. Think about the times God’s grace has shown up in your life. Write them down and thank God for the unmerited favor He has shown you.

—Life.Church Worship Pastor Adam Washburn
Worship with the song Grace Upon Grace.

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