“I pray also that the eyes of your heart may be enlightened in order that you may know the hope to which He has called you, the riches of His glorious inheritance in the saints”  Ephesians 1:18-19

At the time of writing this, Paul was confined to a prison cell in Rome, under the constant watch of the Roman guard. But who could possibly tell from his prayer that anything was wrong! Paul’s faithful description of God’s power does not allow even a hint of hopelessness or despair to filter through. Instead he talks of the “glorious inheritance” of a future in Heaven.

:Paul’s eventual hope was not in earthly people, but in Heaven, eternity and God. The eyes of his heart could see clearly. Are the eyes of your heart open?


“Wonderful Redeemer, help me, through Your Holy Spirit, to grasp the wonderful future that You have made possible for me”. Amen.




“As for me, I will always have hope; I will praise You more and more. My mouth will tell of Your righteousness, of Your salvation all day long”  Psalm 71:14-15

What an incredible privilege it is to tell others of the wonderful things that God has done for you. Recall God’s protection and guidance in your life and tell someone about how He has helped you in the past.

Place your trust and hope in God. Believe that He will never leave you but will strengthen you and be with you in every time of trial and affliction. Let the psalmist’s praises be your example and may you also have such a passion to declare the praise of God as long as you live.

“Loving Master, I am overwhelmed at all that You have done and I want to be a witness to Your goodness to everyone I meet”. Amen.



“Praise be to the God and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ! In His great mercy He has given us new birth into a living hope through the resurrection of Jesus Christ from the dead”-1 Peter 1:3

Let your anxious heart rejoice with the glorious expectation of all the riches and treasures that await you in Heaven. Thank God for that and let this prayer help you to turn your thoughts away from all the burdens and worries of this world.

Renew your mind with thoughts of the pure unblemished inheritance that is waiting for you – an inheritance that cannot be destroyed. Though we may face bitter struggles here on earth, we have an inheritance waiting for us in Heaven. That’s worth feeling hopeful and praising God about!

“I thank and praise You, Holy God, for all the treasures that You have set aside for me in heaven”. Amen.



“Even though you are banished to the ends of the earth, the Lord your God will gather you from there and bring you back again.” Deuteronomy 30:4 (NLT) .

There is no deeper desire in the depths of our fragile hearts than to be sought after and loved. Our relational needs flow from this; we want to be known, desired, sought after, and found! Isn’t it astonishing that we spend the majority of our lives creating relationships, in the hopes that we’ll be noticed, and accepted, as we are?

We wanted to build relationships, to be desired, but we were disappointed. We’ve taken great measures to find what God alone can give us: security.

But God has also gone to great lengths to seek us…with the same determination as a shepherd embarking on a quest to find his lost sheep. (Read Matthew 18:12-13)

Not only does He search for you and find you, but, expressing the stunning depths of His love, He brings you back. So, you can return to Him after being far from Him and experience spiritual awakening.

You may have been let down, and perhaps you’re afraid to trust again. But Jesus is different. Wherever you are, Jesus can gather you up and bring you back. Run into His arms. They’re open wide…May this day be the day that you experience greater intimacy with Him, by His Holy Spirit.

“Father, my prayer life is lacking Your presence. When You seek me, I don’t always answer Your call. Forgive me…Thank You for seeking me. I want to know You better. I want to respond today. In Jesus’ name, Amen”.

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“This is the message we have heard from Him and declare to you; God is light; in Him there is no darkness at all”. 1 John 1:5


Many things that happen in the world today are symptoms of a sick society. The average person feels unable to confront the evil around him or her, which can give rise to an attitude of complete despair.

Nothing in our modern world can be as appalling as the crucifixion on Golgotha. And yet the Light broke through that darkest moment in history, when Jesus overcame the forces of evil and rose triumphantly from the dead.

Regardless of how dark your circumstances may be, put your trust in Christ, follow Him and you will see how His light expels the darkness from your life.


“Lord Jesus, in you light we see light. Help us to see your light in this dark world so that the darkness will be dispersed. Amen”.






“Brothers, we do not want you to grieve like the rest of men, who have no hope”.-1 Thessalonians 4:13

Hope and despair are found in the hearts of people and not in circumstances. Love is so important because it causes hope to triumph. When things are at their darkest, hope rises through love to light the darkness of night. There is no room for despair; God has enough love to avert it. He has woven hope into nature of man so that we can trust in the future.

When all is hopeless, it is hope that keeps us going. Hope strengthens the soul so that we can hold on to eternity and on to love of God. His love is infinite; He gives us hope out of love.

“Lord, may I never believe that anyone is hopelessly lost, because, in love, You sent Your Son to save the lost”. Amen.




“Brothers, we do not want you to grieve like the rest of men, who have no hope”.-1 Thessalonians 4:13


Hope and despair are found in the hearts of people and not in circumstances. Love is so important because it causes hope to triumph. When things are at their darkest, hope rises through love to light the darkness of night. There is no room for despair; God has enough love to avert it. He has woven hope into nature of man so that we can trust in the future.


When all is hopeless, it is hope that keeps us going. Hope strengthens the soul so that we can hold on to eternity and on to love of God. His love is infinite; He gives us hope out of love.


“Lord, may I never believe that anyone is hopelessly lost, because, in love, You sent Your Son to save the lost”. Amen.





Whatever you do, work at it with all your heart, as working for the Lord, not for men, since you know that you will receive an inheritance from the Lord as a reward.  It is the Lord Christ you are serving – Colossians 3:23-24. (NIV)



Some people say that it does not really matter what you believe, as long as you do the right thing.  However, Paul’s letter to Titus contradicts that sort of thinking.  He knew that people become what they think, and that everything they do is shaped by what they believe.


That is why he urged Titus, his valued associate who was pastoring a church on the island of Crete, to, “speak the things which are proper for sound doctrine” – Titus 2:1.  He knew that correct living is a product of correct belief.  Error can never lead to Godliness.  Only truth produces genuine Christlikeness.


In our world today, many streams of thought lay claim to being “true.”  Yet they produce nothing that even approaches the character, integrity, and humility of Christ.  That is why believers need to carefully pay attention to the teaching they receive.  Does it square with Scripture?  Does it honor Christ?  Does it acknowledge what Paul calls “the truth which accords with godliness”Titus1:1.


We have published this article a couple of years ago but we consider it very relevant today.  Please enjoy!


Titus’s Work in Crete

An elder must live a blameless life.  He must be faithful to his wife, and his children must be believers who are not wild or rebellious.  An elder must live a blameless life because he is God’s minister.  He must not be arrogant or quick-tempered; he must not be a heavy drinker, violent, or greedy for money.  He must enjoy having guests in his home and must love all that is good.  He must live wisely and be fair.  He must live a devout and disciplined life.  He must have a strong and steadfast belief in the trustworthy message he was taught; then he will be able to encourage others with right teaching and show those who oppose it where they are wrong.


For there are many who rebel against right teachings; they engage in useless talk and deceive people.  This is especially true of those who insist on circumcision for salvation.  They must be silenced.  By their wrong teaching, they have already turned whole families away from the truth.  Such teachers only want your money.  One of their own men, a prophet from Crete, has said about them, “The people of Crete are all liars; they are cruel animals and lazy gluttons.”  This is true.  So, rebuke them as sternly as necessary to make them strong in the faith.  They must stop listening to Jewish myths and the commands of people who have turned their backs on the truth.


Everything is pure to those whose hearts are pure.  But nothing is pure to those who are corrupt and unbelieving, because their minds and consciences are defiled.  Such people claim they know God, but they deny Him by the way they live.  They are despicable and disobedient, worthless for doing anything good – Titus 1:6-16.




Promote Right Teachings

But as for you, promote the kind of living that reflects right teaching.  Teach the older men to exercise self-control, to be worthy of respect, and to live wisely.  They must have strong faith and be filled with love and patience.


Similarly, teach the older women to live in a way that is appropriate for someone serving the Lord.  They must not go around speaking evil of others and must not be heavy drinkers.  Instead, they should teach others what is good.  These older women must train the younger women to love their husbands and their children, to live wisely and be pure, to take care of their homes, to do good, and to be submissive to their husbands.  Then they will not bring shame on the word of God.


In the same way, encourage the young men to live wisely in all they do.  And you yourself must be an example to them by doing good deeds of every kind.  Let everything you do reflect the integrity and seriousness of your teachings.  Let your teachings be so correct that it can’t be criticized.  Then those who want to argue will be ashamed because they won’t have anything bad to say about us.


Slaves must obey their masters and do their best to please them.  They must not talk back or steal, but they must show themselves to be entirely trustworthy and good.  Then they will make the teaching about God our Saviour attractive in every way.


For the grace of God has been revealed, bringing salvation to all people.  And we are instructed to turn from godless living and sinful pleasures.  We should live in this evil world with self-control, right conduct, and devotion to God, while we look forward to that wonderful event when the glory of our great God and Saviour, Jesus Christ, will be revealed.  He gave His life to free us from every kind of sin, to cleanse us, and to make us His very own people, totally committed to doing what is right.  You must teach these things and encourage your people to do them, correcting them when necessary.  You have the authority to do this, so don’t let anyone ignore you or disregard what you say – Titus 2:1-15


Do What Is Good

Remind your people to submit to the government and its officers.  They should be obedient, always ready to do what is good.  They must not speak evil of anyone, and they must avoid quarreling.  Instead, they should be gentle and show true humility to everyone.


Once, we too, were foolish and disobedient.  We were misled by others and became slaves to many wicked desires and evil pleasures.  Our lives were full of evil and envy.  We hated others, and they hated us.


But then God our Saviour showed us His kindness and love.  He saved us, not because of the good things we did, but because of His mercy.  He washed away our sins and gave us a new life through the Holy Spirit.  He generously poured out the Spirit upon us because of His great kindness.  And now we know we will inherit eternal life.  These things I have told you are all true.  I want you to insist on them so that everyone who trusts in God will be careful to do good deeds all the time.  These things are good and beneficial for everyone. – Titus 3:1-8


Paul’s Final Remarks and Greetings

Do not get involved in foolish discussions about spiritual pedigrees or in quarrels and fight about obedience to Jewish laws.  These kinds of things are useless and a waste of time.  If anyone is causing divisions among you, give a first and second warning.  After that, have nothing more to do with that person.  For people like that have turned away from the truth.  They are sinning, and they condemn themselves Titus 3:9-11.


Remain Blessed!

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And the righteous will live by his faith – Habakkuk 2:4b


Our whole lives depend on faith – from our rising from bed to the going back to it. We wake up, do the normal things because we believe that the earth will still rotate on its axis, that the sun will shine even through storms and rain.

  • That plants, crops, trees will grow even when there is drought;
  • That our vehicles and even aircraft will be able to take us to and fro. The streets will be able to hold our cars, never mind how many potholes;
  • That we will be able to eat and digest our food;
  • That doctors will be able to heal us;
  • Teachers, lecturers will be able to teach us;
  • That security agencies will be able to protect us from those who wish us harm;

We can go on and on. In fact, even right now most of us are comfortable sitting on our chairs because we have faith that they will hold our weight and keep us secure.

In fact, our whole lives revolve around things we believe in, both seen and unseen.

  2. The All Nations English Dictionary defines Faith as:
  • Strong belief, trust, confidence
  • Loyalty to ones promises or word of honour.


  1. Webster’s New World Dictionary also defines Faith as:
  • Trust
  • Unquestioning Belief in God
  • Anything believed
  • Complete trust or confidence
  • Loyalty

We are talking about God and His Word so it’s important that we find out what God means by faith. In Hebrews 11:1, we read that Faith is being sure of what we hope for and certain of what we do not see. This means that the nature of faith that is acceptable before God is a faith that is triumphant in the worst situations. In the New Testament faith conveys the idea of trust, a firm internal conviction regarding the truthfulness of someone or some claim.

It is faith that believes in spiritual realities and leads to:

  1. Righteousness
  2. Seeking God
  3. Believing in God’s goodness
  4. Having complete confidence in God’s Word
  5. Obeying God’s command
  6. Regulating life on God’s promises
  7. Rejecting the spirit of this present evil age
  8. Seeking a Heavenly home
  9. Persevering in trials and testing
  10. Blessing the next generation
  11. Refusing sin’s pleasures
  12. Enduring persecution
  13. Performing mighty acts of righteousness
  14. Suffering for God

A tall list but as we read in Philippians 2:13 (NLT) – “For God is working in you, giving you the desire and the power to do what pleases Him.”; God who lives in us by His Spirit continues to work in us to give us the desire and the power to do what pleases Him. He is the originator of faith and He is our Helper.

  1. In 1 Kings 18:36-39, Elijah practises his faith by courageously challenging King Ahab for his disobedience (rebuking all of Israel, confronting the 450 prophets of Baal). His faith led him to use only the weapons of prayer and faith in God. His confidence in God is indicated by the brevity and simplicity of his prayer. He didn’t need a Genesis to Revelation kind of prayer nor did he stomp and wag his fingers at God. He prayed in agreement with God’s will. Elijah’s confrontation with the prophets of Baal and then his prayer was to reveal God’s grace to His people and thus turn their hearts back to God.
  2. We too must put our faith in practice as we see so much evil and wrongdoing in our society. Instead of the daily complaining we must put our faith to work by praying in agreement with God’s will. Titus 2:14, reveals to us that Christ has redeemed for Himself, a people who are His very own and eager to do good. We must therefore use Hebrews 4:14-16 as well as 1 John 5:14-15 to pray for one another so that we will live in the power of righteousness that we have been saved to practice. We must trust God to empower us to change our generation.
  3. In Galatians 1:1-10, Paul was horrified that the Christians in Galatia were allowing the Judaizers to persuade them to abandon their faith in the gospel of salvation by faith only in the Lord Jesus Christ and to accept the false notions that they had to become Jews through circumcision and adherence to rules and regulations before they could become true Christians. It was so false that Paul virtually reined curses on those who brought this false gospel. And are we not facing the same things? Prayer camps, strange prophecies and regulated practices, rituals and dogmas.
  4. Let’s put our faith into practice and accept that Christ’s saving purpose is the deliverance of us believers from the evil that dominates this world’s societies. We must live for God and refuse to be governed by the prevailing values, wisdom, opinions, corrupt desires and selfish pleasures of the people of this world. We must despise evil and love what is righteous – this is our faith – we are a people delivered from evil and brought into God’s marvelous light as we read in 1 Peter 2:9.

We must have our mind conformed to God’s way of thinking by reading and meditating on His Word as the Bible tells us in Psalm 119:11 & 148; John 8:31 – 32 & 15:7.

We must have our plans and ambitions determined by heavenly and eternal fruits and not by this evil, temporal and transient age, no matter how attractive. We must avoid being so gullible and faint-hearted. We say that God is Omnipotent, Omniscient and Omnipresent. Acting out our faith is what makes us witnesses of the Lord Jesus Christ.

  1. In Luke 7:1-10, the Roman Centurion heard of the God of Jews and His mighty power being displayed in Jesus and he believed in Him and actually sought His help. His faith was commended by Jesus because it surpassed anything found among the Jews. The centurion’s faith combined a long concern for another person – his servant- with great trust in Jesus. He was deemed an unbeliever by the Jews but he had all the elements of a believer in Jesus’ eyes.

We are believers but is our faith in the Author and Perfecter of our faith in Jesus Christ evident in the things we do?

  • Do people see the power of Jesus in the way we practise our Christian faith.
  • Do we love one another us Christ has loved us?



Christ Jesus says He has overcome the world and indeed He has by His death and resurrection. His love is abundant – we know it and experience it daily. His grace is divine – we experience that too daily. By our actions let’s bring glory to God and enjoy the freedom and power that our faith brings us.

Let’s dedicate our lives to God and ask Him to increase our faith.


Stay Blessed!


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“My grace is sufficient for you, for my power is made perfect in weakness”.-2 Corinthians 12:9


All of us, at one point or another, when faced with certain situation feel hopeless and defeated.

Yet whatever the predicament you are in, however dark the outlook, never underestimate the extent of God’s love for you and the expanse of His grace. Look at examples in the Bible or in history where God transformed despair into hope and defeat into victory through His grace.


He is waiting for you to turn to Him and trust Him. Your faith will be rewarded and, in His own wonderful way, He will deliver you.


“God, through the years you have proved yourself to be faithful. Therefore I will hold on to your hand in the future because your grace is sufficient for me at all times and under all circumstances”. Amen.